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Why are marketing information systems necessary? What are some examples?

Khawar Nehal
Khawar Nehal, works at Applied Technology Research Center
What I understand are CRMs. Customer Relationship Management systems.
These are required to track what discussions and paper work has been exchanged between customers and the company representatives.
This avoids having the customer repeating themselves.
Usually not mentioned, but the success of a CRM depends on top management commitment, so I tell my clients that if the CEO is going to poke around the CRM at least 15 minutes per day, then the results for the company shall be very good.
It is a good way to make the company customer oriented.
Employees can put in everything related to customers, policies and other information into the CRM, but it is better to stay relevant to the customer’s needs and use the CRM appropriately.
A good example is SugarCRM and other CRMs which can integrate well with a lot of other applications which might be considered for organizations.
Benefits include :
Better client relationships.
Improved ability to cross-sell.
A well-implemented CRM system can replace manual processes that create significant organizational inefficiencies. But CRM systems don't just create efficiency by reducing the use of inefficient processes.
Thanks to the ability of popular CRM platforms to integrate with other systems, such as marketing automation tools, the efficiencies of CRM can enable companies to interact with customers in ways that they wouldn't have the resources to otherwise.
Greater staff satisfaction.
The more knowledge your employees have the more empowered and engaged they are. Having an accurate and up-to-date CRM that everyone uses and has acces to helps employees solve client problems. Doing so makes employees and clients happy.
Most importantly : Increased revenue and profitability.But this comes at the commitment of the top management of the company to look regularly inside the CRM. From my experience. Without this, the CRM becomes just another waste of resources with no one caring what is done with it.
Also the CRMs are able to make real time reports which are call dashboards or business intelligence nowdays.
The marketing information system is defined as : (in wikipedia)
A marketing information system (MkIS) is a management information system (Management information system - Wikipedia) (MIS) designed to support marketing (Marketing - Wikipedia) decision making (Decision-making - Wikipedia). Jobber (2007) defines it as a "system in which marketing data is formally gathered, stored, analysed and distributed to managers (Management - Wikipedia) in accordance with their informational needs on a regular basis." In addition, the online business dictionary defines Marketing Information System (MkIS) as "a system that analyzes and assesses marketing information, gathered continuously from sources inside and outside an organization or a store."
Furthermore, "an overall Marketing Information System can be defined as a set structure of procedures and methods for the regular, planned collection, analysis and presentation of information for use in making marketing decisions." (Kotler, at al, 2006)
So it is similar to the new term CRM which is common now.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Infinities explained

Definition of Zero and Infinity to solve dividing

by zero and managing infinity.
By : Khawar Nehal
Date : 19 March 2014.
Copyright : 19 March 2014. All rights reserved.
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Modified to explain some more indeterminate forms. 23 March 2014.
When I was in class 8 I was thinking about infinite points in a line. Then
infinite lines in a plane.
If I divided the points with the number of lines in a plane, then I was getting
one point per line.
So I thought for many days about how to define it “correctly.”
Then I came up with infinity being the number of points between the number
0 and 1 in a line.
This included the point on the number 1. It became the points from (0..1]
then the next infinite points became (1..2] skipping the point located exactly
on 1.
So the number of points on a line bacame (2 (infinity) + 1). The +1
representing the point located on zero. 2 x infinity because the number line
went to positive and negative directions.
There are some cases where the theoritical physicists need to divide by zero
or infinity. The sometimes are not sure when to divide and when not to. There
are many types of infinities. So the one I am defining shall be called I
( Capital letter I). Zero shall be denoted with Z (Capital Z).
I is one of the infinities from all the various infinities. And Z is one of the
many zeros.
To define this Z and I correctly, I needed to define it in some other term than
zero and infinity.
So I tried and after many years was able to do so. I learned about limits in
Class 11 and in a few years I was able to define Z and I in terms of something
I selected the number 1 to define and tried many ways to avoid using a zero
and infinity.
This is the magic formula I finally arrived at.
Z = limit ( 1 / 1 – x ) where x approaches 1.
This Z shall be the size of one point on the number line.
So the number of points from (0..1] = I
I = 1 / Z
Number of points on a line = 2(I)
+ 1
Number of points on a plane = (2(I)
+ 1 )
Number of points in 3D space = (2(I)
+ 1 )
Finally you can divide by zero and multiply by infinity. You just need to
select the correct zero or infinity based on my definition before doing so.
So 1 / Z = I
( 1 / Z )
= I
This shall explain why some limits converge and some diverge.
A famous mathematician named George Cantor tried to convert these number
into a concept of cardinality.
In simplified terms.
The number of natural numbers = I. Without the Zero.
Number of integers = 2I + 1 (Including the zero)
Number of fractions with integers in numerator and denominator =
(2I + 1)
This means the number of fractions are equal to the number of
Number of real numbers based on base 10. I numbers on both sides of the
decimal point = (10)
(2I +1).
That is a lot of real numbers.
Number of real numbers based on base 2 (binary).
I numbers on both sides of the decimal point = (2)
(2I +1).
That is a lot of real numbers.
So according to my method, the number of base 10 real numbers is a LOT
more than binary real numbers.
The great thing about this method compared to the existing attempts at
managing infinity is that it can create a small number when dividing or
multiplying by infinity or zero.
Here are some examples.
2I / I = 2
1 / Z = I
2 / Z = 2I
This you gotta see.
I / I = 1
Z / Z = 1
The last two lines shall solve a lot of issues in maths.
From Wikipedia
and other branches of
mathematical analysis
, limits involving algebraic operations are
often performed by replacing subexpressions by their limits; if the expression obtained after this
substitution does not give enough information to determine the original limit, it is known as an
indeterminate form
The most common indeterminate forms are denoted 0/0, ∞/∞, 0
∞, 0
∞, 1
and ∞
These indeterminate forms are solved by my method as follows :
Z/Z = 1
I/I = 1
Z x I = 1
= 1
I – I = Z
= 1
= 1
Some more to clarify
I – 2(I) = -I
I / Z = I x I
Z / I = Z x Z = Z
I x Z = 1 = One.
If you really want to know about a larger number then the normal infinities,
then ask me for my definitions of the “Infinital” and “Beyond Infinital.”
An example is the issue of solving the following
In my system, the first one looks like
(-Z^2)/(Z) which means the limit of the first is -Z = Negative zero.
For the second looks like
( 4(I^2) – 5I ) / (1-3(I^2)) which is close to 4(I^2) / -3(I^2).
So the limit for the second is 4/-3 = negative 4/3
If you need more definitions,
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The Qatar Issue and why it should not matter much.

The Qatar Issue and why it should not matter much.

Everything was fine until some comments came up in writing in the media and some letters.

Ignoring the media sources which can have a biased view. Lets take a look at some letters which were presented.

One letter is to Secretary Lew from two congress members.

The letter states that qatar is supporting hamas and al quaida. That should not be much of a concern because the US created al qaida to fight the USSR and resulted in the break up. So if Qatar is supporting al qaida then there is no reason for the US to worry about it. We all know that the 911 fiasco was an inside job so stop acting like you can kill three buildings with two fake stones. Thirteen years of blood soaked Afghan minerals were a good reason for the war while preventing “competition” from other african countries with slogans of blood diamonds and stuff. Serious hippocracy not diplomacy.
To fund al qaida, bush paid the CIA which used the awesome distribution company BCCI to distribute to every single fighter in Afghanistan. The reason to attack the money distributor was to hide the tracks of their funding.

It states qatar is supporting hamas. Since the british created Israel in 1920 using an old word from ancient times to confuse people about the theory. The idea was to make jews and muslims fight. Well somehow the jews left their homeland in Germany and were stupid enough to go along the plan. So if qatar wants the palestinians to have their homeland back and wants to fund the return of jews to germany which is their “homeland” then there is no reason for the US to worry about that.

As far as IMF is concerned about money laundering, what a country does inside its borders about money is their own business. No matter how much the US or the IMF thinks otherwise. They shall keep blabbing about “their” policies of managing money not being implemented, but all the countries are free to do as they please. Yes VISA and Master Card do help in monitoring, but cryptocurrencies, Gold, silver and other currencies shall replace all Government currencies soon to a large extent. So stop worrying about your legislations. Keep them inside your own countries to harrass your own people.

Then the letter is asking the congress to provide info about money movement inside Qatar. Now how in heck is that the job of the congress ? And as mentioned, Qatar is not a subsidiary of the USA corp so how is this info going to even be available to USA corp ?

Mr. Trump talked to the ME countries. They felt like blaming qatar for some reason. Guess they thought Qatar should not have trade relations with Iran but USA corp can have relations.
Iran is a neighbor or even in the ME countries. So NOT having trade relations is NOT in your favor you economic idiots. Gaddafi wanted to integrate the arab speaking nations and use Gold as a currency. When all the idiots could not come together he lectured them that the NATO countries shall kill all of them one by one. And so the NATO countries did pick him out because he was a threat to the USA Corp’s blood which is petrodollars. Similarly saddam got killed because he wanted to sell oil in Euros.

Here is how it works. The world needs oil. If all oil is sold (under the pressure of a US gun) in US Dollars, then the US can print real or virtual dollars and get some real stuff like pay China for all the iphones and ipads it asks them to make for them. When oil is not sold in US dollars, then China can ask for the buildings, american indian lands, railroads, houses, ports in return for the iphones manufactured instead of worthless USD currency. Then the US citizens shall pay taxes and rent to China their new landlords after the japs sold them the toyotas. Kapish ?

If the US wants to avoid deep trouble, then here is some advice for Mr. Trump. Other presidents are too deeply funded by the lobbyists that they cannot heed any advoice.
The chinese are running on the Sun Tzu procedure. They want to draw you out and make you weak by wasting your resources all the way into the south china sea. Taiwan is an example. Everytime you relax, they are ready to attack taiwan and you (US corp) somehow end up wasting more resources and throwing them into the ocean half way around the planet. Read Sun Tsu to understand what I mean.

If you want to make america great again, please explain to congress and the people of the USA that they are very close to defaulting. Once they default, then they lose their homes to the japs and the chinese. Game over. Asia 1 US 0. That is the game. Even the elitist who control the lobby do not really care anymore. They are mostly living in Europe and are about to die so they have less control of the current and even less of the future situation. Disclaimer, I do not want to talk against the Chinese because they seem to be doing a great job with CPEC and it is not a good idea to talk bad about a neighbor. However I just want to help the US corp realize that there might be an issue they would like to consider instead of worrying about things like qatar. As far as I know, if you mess with the Chinese, then they shall retaliate in a quiet sun tzu way. Since PK has friendly ties with every neighbor, I would like to recommend that other countries set aside their differences and learn to live well along with others. Take New Zealand as an example of a nice cordial country.

If is up to all the people of the world to wise up (and swallow less flouride) and take care of their own businesses and countries. The corporations and country boundries shall keep changing as some people get old and tired and the young ones conquer more territory. But the objective is not to leave a mark in a universe which shall be folded up to create another. But to do the best we can with the best of our knowledge and ask for God’s favors in the current world and in the next world. And keep us away from the bad stuff and bad intentions.

If you want to teach me something, you are welcome to email me at the address provided below.


Khawar Nehal